Review Consultations: So Why Do We Have These Anyway?

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What is a “review consultation”?

As the name suggests, these appointments are the perfect time to review your progress, treatment plan and goals. Generally these consultations will already be structured into your overarching treatment plan if you are seeing your practitioner on a regular basis.

Why do we conduct them?

These consultations are especially important if you have been completing a group or independent exercise focused treatment plan; although we might have been seeing you regularly during your class or unsupervised sessions each week, we often don’t get the chance to fully explore topics that are critical to ensuring you get the most benefit from your exercise physiology treatment plan.  Thus review consultations are a good chance to sit down with your practitioner to update us on everything that’s been going on over the recent past.

What is covered in this type of consultation?

We cover quite a lot actually! Your appointment might include:

  • Discussion of your current medical condition, medical treatment plan, symptoms and lifestyle factors:
    • Our health (and symptoms especially!) can constantly change, so it is important that we stay on top of this to help prescribe the most appropriate and safe exercises for you.
  • Assessment of your progress through targeted assessments, and comparison of data to previous and expected ‘normative’ results:
    • This is important to ensure you’re progressing well towards your goals, or identifying areas that we may need to correct to get you back on track.
  • Reevaluation of your goals, based on your current progress and desires:
    • Specific, long and short-term goals are key to maintaining long-term motivation and helping us to tailor your exercise most effectively.
  • Review of your exercise program/s:
    • As you progress, it’s important we scrutinise and update your exercises to maintain an optimal level of benefit for you.
  • Review of your overall treatment plan and ‘Plan of Action’:
    • This is to ensure we’re quite literally both on the same page regarding your treatment, choosing the pathway that best straddles your wants and needs, and our clinical recommendations.
  • Update of your treatment team:
    • We communicate with your GP and other treating specialists, filling them in on your progress and plans, as part of our commitment to a multidisciplinary approach to care. 

How often should I have a review consultation with my practitioner? 

Generally, we recommend having a review consultation with your practitioner every 10–12 weeks. This allows enough time to experience the full effectiveness of your exercise program and obtain tangible results.  Importantly, it also isn’t too great a length of time such that any bad habits that may creep in and hinder your progress.

This timeframe between reviews may also depend on a few other factors:

  • How well you’re managing treatment, symptoms or other health comorbidities
  • How often your practitioner has recommended to update your exercise program
  • How compliant you are to your independent exercise programs 
  • Your specific goals 

Have questions about the process or want to book your next review consultation? Chat to your practitioner or our reception team for more information. 

– Jason Canterford, Accredited Exercise Physiologist at Movement Against Cancer & DNA Health Group

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