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Client Testimonials

“I had not been a great exerciser prior to cancer, but had read that exercise could help recovery and maybe keep me well so I gave it a go. After the initial assessment I started on a twice-weekly group exercise program. I decided to prioritise my health and schedule the sessions as a non- negotiable commitment in my week – I knew it would be the only way I would keep it up. Initially exercises focused on strengthening my legs as that was my greatest problem, but my program has evolved to work on my whole body – I am fitter and stronger than I have been in years!  I have recommended the MAC program to a couple of friends with cancer. It is a great way to build exercise into your week, knowing that your particular problems will be considered in the design of your program. The positivity you get from feeling stronger and the knowledge that you are doing the best for your health make recovering from cancer so much easier.”

- Liz, breast cancer

“An Accredited Exercise Physiologist can help you in more ways than you can imagine.  It helps greatly to get the right advice as you experience the ups and downs.  I have been pleasantly surprised with the improvements that I’ve been able to make with each assessment, namely my core and general levels of strength.  In addition, weight gain or loss during treatment is usually a given, however I’ve been able to maintain my weight without big fluctuations.  Other side effects I experience, such as fatigue and pain, have been alleviated.  I can feel the improvement in physical wellbeing, and mentally I have become stronger and developed a more positive outlook.”

- Leo, 65, prostate cancer

“I had not done any set exercise programs in years so it was great to meet Kate and have her set up a program for me in a safe, friendly and encouraging environment.  Over the past 12 months I also had other medical issues, so it was great to be in an environment where Kate, Jason and the team knew me. I could discuss any health issues and they helped adapt and adjust the program to make sure that it remained safe and I was getting the most out of it.  I would totally recommend this program to anybody - it has been one of the things that has helped me the most during my treatments and recovery.”

- Carmel, 58, breast cancer

“Exercise played an important part in helping me deal with chemotherapy and the consequential effects the treatment had on me physically and mentally. Both during the treatment and since, by following a regular exercise program I have maintained a level of fitness, physical and mental health that gives me the energy, confidence and optimism to meet all challenges and enjoy life generally with family and friends.  The DNA team and the programs have certainly helped me along the journey and to others needing to meet the cancer challenge: I would not hesitate to recommend exercise physiology as an important part of treatment and recovery.”

- Gary, 77, bowel & prostate cancer

Working on my recovery with Kate has helped me reconnect with myself as I get stronger and stronger, physically and mentally. It’s amazing how your body responds to exercise, and having professional guidance gives you the confidence to try things that previously hurt or felt too hard.”

- Lou, 40, breast cancer

Over the last 12 months, with the exercise app keeping me on track and Jason’s regular input, I’ve been able to not only gain a reasonable level of fitness, but the improvement has had an exceptionally positive effect on my mental health. Going forward we have set a goal for me to start running, which is amazing considering my age and where my fitness level was when I started out with the program!” 

- John, melanoma & kidney cancer

My oncologist recommended that I take up an exercise program that would help to build up my muscle mass, support my physical and mental wellbeing and get me through chemotherapy and radiotherapy.  ​​Participating in exercise during and since finishing my cancer treatment has really helped me to maintain my energy levels and a positive outlook. In addition, working with an Exercise Physiologist has motivated me to work towards my specific goals, in particular my long-term goal of wanting to be around in the future to see my children grow their own wings and fly.  Regular exercise challenges you in so many ways but the wonderful support and encouragement from the team at DNA - not to mention the other class participants - helps you deal with whatever life’s journey has in store for you.” 

- Lorraine, breast cancer

Exercise with DNA Health Group has helped me achieve goals that I didn’t think were possible when I was completing treatment. It has boosted my mental health, in particular with regards to how I view myself and my confidence. It has also helped me return to how I felt prior to diagnosis. I am happy to say I am healthier and stronger than I ever have been despite my setbacks in life.” 

- Harry, 22, osteosarcoma

“My bone density was a bit low after treatment so weight bearing exercises have been great for that. My lymphoedema specialist is very happy I’m able to do the classes too. I have joint pain, a side effect of chemo-induced menopause and hormone blockers, that almost goes away after my classes - movement is one of the only things that helps this. After every class I feel more alert. I really look forward to seeing my classmates and the exercise physiologists each week.  I’ve found it a brilliant way to build physical and mental resilience, to feel a little bit more in control and to connect with others on this journey. The exercise physiologists really are supportive, knowledgeable and caring.”

- Tori, 48, breast cancer

“I found that doing the exercises following surgery made a difference to my continence control, and felt so much better physically, mentally, and emotionally as well. A side benefit was that I noticed my libido was returning (having major surgery, dealing with incontinence and the impact on obtaining erections - the stress of all that certainly doesn’t help in that area), so this was great incentive to keep exercising.”

- Alan, prostate cancer

“I’m starting to feel like myself again.  Having guidance and someone supporting my progress has helped me get back to me.”

- Laura, 36, breast cancer

“Since I was still on treatment, I did have my challenges with fatigue during the early days. However as I told Kate, I always felt better for turning up and completing the session each week.  For me, being fit and strong enough to endure the stem cell transplant the second time round was key. I can certainly advocate for exercise as an important tool in your kit when it comes to being prepared for life’s challenges.”

- Denis, myeloma & leukaemia

The exercise treatment has had a huge impact on my mental and physical strength as it provided me with a goal to commit to, a positive focus during a challenging time.”

- Virginia, 64, breast cancer

“Since starting my individualised plan, the lymphoedema has been stable and I haven't had to wear the compression sleeve which is fantastic!  During therapy, the support of Kate definitely assisted with my energy levels (which enabled me to continue working), helped motivate me to be active each day and in remaining positive during the challenges of treatment. There was many a time I didn’t feel like attending the classes, but on completion of the session I did feel better psychologically and I now look forward to being there.  I believe having the support of an exercise physiologist has helped me process the challenges and jump the hurdles along my cancer journey.  I would encourage anyone going through their own cancer journey to incorporate an individualised exercise physiology program into their cancer management plan.”

- Marg, melanoma

My exercise program has been my salvation, returning me from despair to feeling alive again. I feel I have the strength back to participate in social and family activities with a healthy positive outlook, and maintain a goal to keep looking to the future and squeezing every opportunity out of each day, and give back in some small way.  This challenge is not taken lightly by the team at DNA Health Group, who is there to advise, support and help you through the journey.”

- Russell, prostate cancer