Our program.

The Movement Against Cancer program is made up of five specific stages, each of which contributes towards your individualised treatment plan.

Program Phases

  • Health Screening

    An Accredited Exercise Physiologist will conduct a full health appraisal, including complete medical history, treatment and medication details and basic health measures. This will confirm your readiness to participate in the MAC program and allow you to discuss your treatment goals with your practitioner.

  • Fitness Assessment

    Your Exercise Physiologist will guide you through several fitness-related tests in order to gauge your ability and ascertain an appropriate starting point and pace of progression for your exercise program. At the completion of this stage your practitioner will have helped you streamline your goals and outlined an overarching exercise plan suitable for you.

  • Individual Exercise Consultation

    You will undertake a ‘1 on 1’ consultation with your Exercise Physiologist, during which they will prescribe your specialised exercise program. This session will allow a full run through of your program, allowing you to become completely familiar with each activity before progressing to performing them more independently in the following weeks.

  • Group Exercise Sessions

    Twice per week, over 10 weeks you will perform your prescribed program in the clinic gym along with other MAC program participants. An Exercise Physiologist will supervise every session, closely monitoring important factors such as technique and intensity to ensure you are exercising safely and effectively. Activities typically undertaken include aerobic exercise, strength training, flexibility activities, balance and co-ordination tasks, and functional movements – all at appropriate, gentler levels as necessary.

  • Follow-Up Assessment

    You will sit down again with your Exercise Physiologist to review your participation in the MAC program. This includes a revisit of the tests performed in your initial assessment to determine your progress made towards your goals thus far, as well as establishing a plan for your exercise treatment moving forward.

“I would certainly recommend the program to others. DNA’s clinical approach to assessing the individual, establishing realistic goals, and then working closely with the person to monitor and progress every step of the way ensures success (provided you follow the program!).”John, MAC participant
Patients are eligible to participate in the MAC program if they are currently undergoing treatment for cancer-related illness, or have undertaken treatment within the past 2 years. The program is suitable whether you were previously inactive and require a safe initiation into a physical activity program, or you were previously active and require guidance returning to exercise.

If you or someone you know is interested in the MAC program, or would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information. You may also like to see our Frequently Asked Questions page.