At MAC we understand there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. In addition to individual health needs, we also take into consideration other circumstances when devising personalised exercise plans, such as family and work commitments, travel, medical appointments, treatment regimes and finances.

That’s why we keep our program flexible: while our screening, assessment and review phases are constant, we offer a range of pathways for you to get moving with us.

Program Phases

  • Health Screening

    An Accredited Exercise Physiologist will conduct a full health appraisal, including complete medical history, treatment and medication details and basic health measures. This will confirm your readiness to participate in the MAC program and allow you to discuss your treatment goals with your practitioner.

  • Fitness Assessment

    Your Exercise Physiologist will guide you through several fitness-related tests in order to gauge your ability and ascertain an appropriate starting point and pace of progression for your exercise program. At the completion of this stage you and your practitioner will have collaborated to streamline your goals and outline an overarching exercise plan suitable for you, based on one or a combination of the pathway options below.

  • Pathway Option 1: Individual Exercise Consultations

    Undertake your exercise sessions ‘1 on 1’ with your Exercise Physiologist in the clinic gym. With maximum supervision, your practitioner will closely monitor important factors such as technique and intensity to ensure you are exercising not only safely but effectively.

  • Pathway Option 2: Group Exercise Sessions

    Commence your individualised program in the clinic gym along with other MAC program participants under the supervision of an Exercise Physiologist. All group participants undergo at least one individual exercise consultation prior to commencing groups to allow a ‘one on one’ run through of their program with their practitioner. We run separate sessions for men and women.

  • Pathway Option 3: Independent Exercise Plan

    Perform your exercise program autonomously, either in our clinic as an unsupervised session, at home or at another facility. We’ll make the program easy to follow through our exercise prescription software, which includes videos downloadable to your phone or tablet device via an app if you wish. You will undergo at least one individual exercise consultation prior to commencing your independent prescription.

  • Follow-Up Assessment

    Whichever pathway you choose, you’ll have the opportunity to sit down again with your Exercise Physiologist to review your exercise treatment plan. This includes a revisit of the tests performed in your initial assessment to determine your progress made towards your goals thus far, as well as establishing a plan for your exercise treatment moving forward.

You are eligible to participate in the MAC program if you are currently undertaking treatment for cancer, or have done so previously.

The program is suitable whether you were previously inactive and require a safe initiation into a physical activity program, or you were previously active and require guidance returning to exercise.

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“I would certainly recommend the program to others. DNA’s clinical approach to assessing the individual, establishing realistic goals, and then working closely with the person to monitor and progress every step of the way ensures success (provided you follow the program!).”John, MAC participant