Beyond the Badge – Practitioner Profile: Nicole Hirshowitz

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Take us down the path that led you to become an EP? I have always loved working with other people. To be honest my journey to become an exercise physiologist was a bit of a process! I always wanted to work within a medical environment (initially thinking of doing Medicine) and I always enjoyed providing education to those around me, …

Breast Cancer and Exercise – Moving your way through treatment

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This blog discusses the specific exercise benefits for those living with breast cancer, how much exercise you should be aiming for, and also considerations for those who are wanting to start exercising following a breast cancer diagnosis.

Exercise During Chemotherapy – Helping you ease the impact

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Due to the debilitating side effects that can often accompany chemotherapy treatment exercising might seem like the last thing on your agenda. But what if we told you that exercise can actually help with mitigating these terrible side effects? Here we explain why everyone should be exercising during chemotherapy and how to do it safely and effectively. What is chemotherapy? …

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month – Jo’s Story

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June is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month. Bowel Cancer affects 1 in 13 Australians and is the second deadliest cancer in Australia. Sadly, Bowel Cancer is becoming more common in young people like Jo who was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer just before her 30th birthday. Jo started with Movement Against Cancer (MAC) in the middle of last year and we recently had a chat with Jo about her experience being a young person diagnosed with bowel cancer.

Mental Health and Cancer – Something to keep in mind

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Whether it be through the news, through social media, or just a chat between friends, conversations around mental health are beginning to get the attention it so desperately deserves. So then what exactly is Mental Health? And what impact can a cancer diagnosis have on our Mental Health?

COVID-19, Exercise, and Immunity: What You Need to Know

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The current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has left us all with a sense of uncertainty and many questions. We’d like to take the chance to answer a few of those questions that we have come across, namely those that may be particularly relevant for people living with cancer

Exercise as Medicine: The Prescription Your Side Effects Don’t Want You to Know About

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What if I told you we had something readily available that would assist with reducing the impact of cancer-related side effects? This blog explains that it may not be as crazy as it first sounds..