The Movement Against Cancer program is run by Accredited Exercise Physiologists and you could be eligible for rebates, read below for more information. Or, simply get in touch to ask any questions on (03) 9555 1221.

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If you are eligible for the MAC program, it is also highly likely that you are entitled to a referral from your treating physician under the Medicare scheme known as the Chronic Disease Management Plan. Whilst not essential, the CDM plan qualifies you for sizeable rebate for a maximum of 5 visits within a 12-month period for allied health services, including Exercise Physiology.

Department of Veterans Affairs

If you are an eligible DVA cardholder, and your GP or specialist deems you eligible for Exercise Physiology treatment, the entire MAC program including group sessions, will attract no out of pocket cost.

It is important to note that you can only be referred under the CDM plan and DVA by your general practitioner or medical specialist; thus we recommend you discuss your options with your treating physician prior to enrolling in the program.

Private Health Funds

You may be able to claim a refund for multiple sessions from your private health fund depending on your provider (Exercise Physiology is now claimable under the majority of funds) and level of cover. We recommend checking with your provider, or speak to your Exercise Physiologist if you are unsure.