Exercise as Medicine: The Prescription Your Side Effects Don’t Want You to Know About

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What if I told you we had something readily available that would assist with reducing the impact of cancer-related side effects? This blog explains that it may not be as crazy as it first sounds..

Peripheral Neuropathy: Can Exercise Help?

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Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) is a common side effect of several chemo agents (we’re looking at you, Oxaliplatin, Taxanes and Vinca Alkaloids) which can resolve after several months or linger permanently. It is characterised by pain and/or altered sensations (tingling, numbness or pins and needles), most often in the extremities (hands and feet) but sometimes in areas closer to the …

Cancer and Weight Management: A Heavy Issue

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If you’ve been in to see one of our MAC Exercise Physiologists, you’ll know that one of the key things we focus on during your initial consultation is an assessment of your body composition – even if your goal isn’t necessarily to gain or lose weight. Why is it so? We’ve already covered why muscles are important in managing symptoms …

Roadblocks to Speed Humps: Breaking Through Barriers to Exercise

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Beginning a new physical activity regime can be an incredibly daunting thing. Not knowing where to start, which types of exercise to do or how to perform them, facing the intimidation of a gym, weather, lack of time, a dislike of exercise and just a general absence of motivation are common things that stand in the way of people moving …