Exercise For Cancer

With Accredited Exercise Physiologists at DNA Health Group

Why? Research has demonstrated exercise to be a safe and effective adjuvant therapy in the management of cancer and it's associated treatment. Moreover, the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia recommends that patients be referred to an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and/or physiotherapist with specialist knowledge in cancer care.

How? The MAC program offers a clinical exercise program for cancer patients and survivors based on current research. MAC is developed and run by our very own Accredited Exercise Physiologists, and aims to increase the quality and quantity of life in people with cancer by guiding participants through appropriate activities specifically tailored to improve treatment and health outcomes.

When? Now! If you or someone you know is interested in the MAC program and would like to sign-up, or would simply like to know more, please don’t hesitate to call us on (03) 9555 1221 or email us on info@movementagainstcancer.com.au.

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exercise for cancerexercise for cancer

"During therapy, the support of Kate definitely assisted with my energy levels."

Obtaining a referral and working with the team at DNA will go long way in one’s recovery. It may also give one a feeling of getting back some ‘control’ after the treatment and contributing to your body’s healing - physically, mentally, and emotionally."

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